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Piedmont Master Gardeners

April 2021-Vol.7, No.4



Are you interested in improving the lawn on your property? Would you like to learn more about how to grow and care for the grass around your home? Want helpful resources related to turf and landscaping?  If so, the Healthy Virginia Lawns Program is for you! 

You can submit an application for a site visit from Piedmont Master Gardener (PMG) volunteers, who work under the guidance of Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech. Volunteers will visit your property, take soil samples, measure your lawn areas, and provide practical suggestions. The soil testing lab at Virginia Tech will analyze your soil samples, and PMG will prepare a customized Nutrient Management Plan for the care of your lawn. The goal of the HVL program is to answer your lawn and landscape questions and provide you with science-based information to help improve the health of your lawn. To schedule a site visit, please complete the application offered on our website and return it to the PMG office (electronic delivery preferred). 

For comments, questions or suggested topics for future Garden Shed articles contact us at: and add us to your address book.

If you have specific gardening questions or need help to solve a gardening problem, our Horticultural Help Desk is a free community resource and can be contacted at 434-872-4583 or by email:


Who We Are

We are members of the Piedmont Master Gardeners, which simply means we have all been trained to share the scientific expertise of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service. More important, we are your friends and neighbors with a passion for gardening – and learning more about it. MORE

Table of Contents

A Fertilization Primer: Plant Needs, Fertilizer Choices and Application Tips

What you need to know to properly and responsibly provide your plants the nutrients they require.

Foliar Nematodes

When worms invade the leaves of your favorite plants

Upcoming Events

Shop for garden-related items at PMG's spring sale! Get ready to plant with the help of virtual lectures on native perennials, trees and shrubs; herb gardening; edible landscaping; layered landscaping, and more!

Using Culinary Herbs

Explore the benefits of culinary herbs and discover how they can jazz up your meals

April Edible Garden Tasks

Edible gardening is in full swing

April Tasks in the Ornamental Garden

Let the gardening mania begin!

Master Gardener Favorites

Check out our new feature and discover the favorite plants of some Piedmont Master Gardeners