Aronia Berry Smoothie

Aronia Berry Smoothie

  • By Cathy Caldwell
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  • November 2019-Vol.5 No.11
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There is growing evidence for the health benefits of consuming black chokeberries, which are referred to as “aronia berries” in the food industry (please note that it is only the black chokeberries — Aronia melanocarpa — that are being consumed).  The “aronia berry” is the subject of much current research by food scientists, summarized in a recent article, Fruits of Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa in the Prevention of Chronic Diseases.   A quick check online revealed multiple sources for frozen aronia berries, and it seems likely that the berries will soon be appearing on your grocer’s shelves — eventually in the produce section, but probably first in the frozen food section (note that research suggests that heat can reduce the high numbers of antioxidants normally present).

Courtesy of Delmarva Life, WBOC-TV, Salisbury, Maryland

If you’re eager to try aronia berries, here’s a recipe that was presented on a local Maryland television show by a commerical horticulture specialist with the University of Maryland Extension, and it was recorded and is available in this video:  Delmarva Life/Aronia Berry Benefits and Smoothie Recipe.

Aronia Berry Smoothie Recipe

16 oz Almond milk
1 tablespoon brown sugar to sweeten
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup of thawed aronia fruit

Blend ingredients in a blender and serve.

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