Innovative Ways with your Garden Greens

Innovative Ways with your Garden Greens

  • By Tom Wilson
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  • June 2019-Vol.5 No.6
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Kale, kale, the greens are here!

Did you ever wake up with the sunrise and just start grazing on the wonderful organic greens in your garden?   Well, stop it! The neighbors are staring at you! The good news is that organic greens is our topic this month. On my occasional days off, I indulge in zesty fresh salads and my favorite green smoothies which add fiber and nutrition to balance out my fried chicken obsession.

Here are some tricks I’ve tried with greens that you might enjoy this summer.

Spinach Milk:
Take your ugly, broken spinach and put it in your blender; add ice cubes, blend, and strain into a glass. To me, the cold and calcium content tricks my mind into thinking it’s actually milk.

Fennel-Arugula Salad
Take the root of fennel & shave it thin using a mandolin slicer. Add arugula. Toss it with olive oil & sesame seeds.
Top it with shaved radish and crumbled feta cheese.

Thyme Margarita (semi-virgin)
Put a spoonful of tequila inside your chosen margarita glass, then light a sprig of thyme on fire and place it into the glass to char for a minute. Remove the burnt sprig and add a fresh one. Then add ice, agave nectar, a lime wedge, and triple sec. Add tequila if you desire authenticity.

Lettuce Wrap
Take canned tuna or leftover rotisserie chicken and add your favorite coleslaw.
You could take it one step further and chop up some other greens or herbs for extra flavor.
What do you have growing that could contain this? Hmmm? Bibb, Romaine, Bok Choy, Squash blossoms?

Kohlrabi ready for prep. Photo: Emily Allen

Kohlrabi Tacos (gluten free)
Use a mandolin to slice a kohlrabi into rounds that become “taco shells.”
Fold shells in half, place in between a wire rack and bake at 350° for 10 minutes.
Get creative with the filling by adding broccoli florets, diced red peppers, diced tomato, shredded root vegetables, and top it with Greek yogurt or Tzatziki sauce (recipe coming soon, or go ask a Greek neighbor.)

Dandelion Fritters (too late for this season)
Dip dandelion blossoms in some loose pancake batter and deep fry. Just that simple and tastes great.

Hopefully, your cookout guests can appreciate some of these treats, but if they don’t, just love them for the poor misguided lost souls that they are and keep preaching the goodness of the greens. Have a wonderful summer!

Tom Wilson


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