Monthly Gardening Tasks & Tips



    • Inspect gardens for overwintering pests and diseases
    • Once the soil has thawed and is dry enough to work, begin preparing beds for planting
    • Begin removing cool-season weeds from beds
    • Apply soil amendments in accordance with soil test recommendations


    • Fertilize spring-blooming bulbs with a balanced fertilizer
    • Cut back perennials, such as coneflower and sedum, that were left standing over the winter
    • Cut back ornamental grasses before they start to display new spring growth
    • Direct sow hardy annuals; such as larkspur, sweet peas, and love-in-a-mist
    • Prune evergreen hedges; keep the base wider than the top of the hedge
    • Apply dormant oil to trees and shrubs as needed to control pests that overwintered and suppress disease; make sure temperature will remain above freezing for 24 hours after spraying


    • Add compost and other amendments as needed to soil in preparation for planting
    • Plant bare-root bramble fruits, grapevines, and strawberries
    • Direct sow cool-season crops; such as peas, carrots, mustard greens, spinach, and arugula
    • Harden off cool-season crop seedlings in preparation for planting in the garden