Native Plants

PMG installed native plant sign outside PMG partner retailer.

Our native plants are those that have co-evolved here over centuries with local insects, birds, and other animals. Together, they make the Virginia Piedmont unique.

Because they are fully adapted to our local climate and soils, native plants can thrive in situations where exotic garden plants struggle. Consequently, once established, there should be less need for extra water, chemical applications of fertilizers, or any pesticides, thus protecting water quality by reducing pollutant and nutrient runoff affecting our waterways. Generally, native plants require less maintenance.  

Native plants also support biodiversity by providing the food, pollen, and nectar that form the basis of the food web and healthy ecosystems.  Select a diversity of native plants to provide a wide variety of benefits.  Select plants suited to your existing soil, moisture, sunlight and other site conditions.  Plant choice matters!

By choosing native plants in your landscape, you are not only helping to feed the birds, pollinators and other wildlife, you are creating a healthier place for yourself, your family and your community.

Main points to remember:  

  • Choose native plants that are “true” to the species type when possible or available; 
  • Site the plant in the correct growing conditions.  Start with a soil test to save yourself time and money ( invasive exotics (check species status at Invasive plants are those that occur in locations beyond their known historical natural ranges, most often brought to new regions by humans through horticultural or accidental introductions. Invasive plants are those that display rapid growth and spread, allowing them to establish in large areas outside of their natural native range, often secreting chemicals in the soil that discourages our native vegetation and without competitors or pests that keep them in check “at home”. Their rapid growth allows them to overwhelm and displace existing native plant vegetation and outcompete our native plants. Learn to recognize and control invasive species with these resources:

Want to learn more about Virginia Piedmont Native Plants?

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