Invasive Alert: Garlic Mustard

Do you have the invasive weed, garlic mustard, on your property?

Now is the time to act to stop this weed from taking over! Blue Ridge Prism reports that just this past week, garlic mustard has begun to bolt, and at this point, most first-rank flower buds have opened. Over the next month, the inflorescence (flowering part) will extend upward, developing new flowers up and out from the main stem. From the bottom up, as flowers are fertilized, the petals will drop away, and the siliques (the seedpods carrying the developing seed) will grow and harden. The sooner this seed development is stopped, the less risk that any plants will mature to extend the infestation into next year and beyond. So get it NOW; actually, YESTERDAY!

Blue Ridge Prism has a good fact sheet on this weed, its growth pattern, and ways to control it.

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