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March 2020-Vol.6 No.3


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The Garden Shed- Who We Are

Who We Are

We are members of the Piedmont Master Gardeners, which simply means we have all been trained to share the scientific expertise of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service. More important, we are your friends and neighbors with a passion for gardening – and learning more about it. MORE

Table of Contents

Biopesticides: A Safer Approach to Pest Control

Not all pesticides are the same.

Upcoming Events

Time for the Spring Lecture Series! Plus programs on vegetable gardening, climate change, trees, snakes, and more.

Elderberry: An Attractive Native Shrub That Heals

A native shrub whose medicinal properties have been recognized since ancient times and whose wines and jellies are much loved as well.

Streptocarpella: The Houseplant That Flowers All Year

And puts on a summer show on your deck or patio

March in the Vegetable Garden

Climate change has moved our final frost date to mid-late April, so now March is the time to get our cool weather crops in the ground.

How To Prune Crape Myrtles

Landscapers and homeowners can become targets for abuse when they fail to hew the line on the 'proper' way to prune Lagerstroemia indica.

Tasks & Tips for March in the Ornamental Garden

Check out the March To-Do List

A Big Thank You to Garden Shed Survey Respondents

And we plan to use your input.