PMG Promotes Earth-Friendly Practices

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, an event credited with launching the modern environmental movement. As the world observes this milestone, the Piedmont Master Gardeners are underscoring our efforts to educate the public about what we can all do to restore and protect the health of our planet. Among them is a set of online resources PMG assembled—titled Be a Steward of the Environment—to promote Earth-friendly practices, from composting and recycling to growing more of our own food.

First on the list is to plant native species. Bringing native plants into our yards and gardens provides vital food and habitat for wildlife and fosters biodiversity. The April issue of The Garden Shed, PMG’s online newsletter, highlights our participation in Plant Northern Piedmont Natives, a campaign to raise public awareness of the value of native plants and to work with growers, nurseries, and garden centers in our area to make more natives available.

The article will also tell you where to find the newly reprinted Piedmont Native Plants: A Guide for Landscapes and Gardens, covering nearly 200 species that grow natively in our region.

photos courtesy of PMG members Eileen deCamp (right) and Fern Campbell (left).

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