One dose of Stromectol online can kill hundreds and thousands of roundworms within a few days in average human beings. The medication is very powerful and effectively checks the advance of the parasites within a week. It is generally a safe medication for people who are not suffering from any other illnesses. However, it can be severe for some people who have other medical problems or are allergic to the medicine. It is your doctor who can tell the difference.
Your health should be declared as perfect by your doctor before you start taking the medication. Roundworms are parasites that thrive on the human and animal bodies. It means your home and pets are not free from it unless you are regularly cleaning and sanitizing every area of your house. The parasites infect people especially those that travel to countries where there is poor sanitation and lack of hygiene. Ivermectin starts acting on the body within two or three days and within a week it starts exterminating the parasites from your body.
Your doctor will decide on the dose and it can be a single tablet or a series of Stromectol tablets.

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Not an OTC Medicine

Stromectol is not an over-the-counter medication and is generally a prescription-based one. It is therefore very important on your part to take your doctor’s advice to the full extent rather than start with self-medication. A lot of people have had severe side effects after taking the dose. By far the medication is reportedly safe yet things may go wrong if there is an overdose or you felt like taking one just because you had skipped your dose while traveling.
When you order Stromectol for sale you should also furnish your doctor’s prescription as genuine stores demand them. In the case of fake sites, they deliver more than the specific dosage and do not demand any prescription, but their medication too may have other side effects. You can spot good reliable pharmacies online if you go through the independent reviews posted by previous customers. Above all, you will get the idea as to whether a store follows the rules laid down by the American Food and Drug Administration or simply flout them.
Usually, roundworms have a habit of returning after a year and in such cases, your doctor will ask you to take another dose. If you have taken the first dose followed by a second dose the next year then you are relatively safe from the attacks of the parasites. Of course, it should be taken according to your doctor’s suggestion only.
If you take an overdose of Stromectol 12mg then there is a good chance that you may get into health trouble. In such cases, the symptoms will start to form in rapid succession and you must at once contact your Poison Help line.

Sudden Side Effects

If you have taken Ivermectin as self-medication then you may come under severe problems all of a sudden. You may find your eye reddish, itching horribly and pus coming out of it. Your mental balance may get tilted and you will find trouble walking and confusion. There will be fast heart rate and breathing trouble and loss of bladder and bowel control.
Among the milder side effects are headaches, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea and skin rashes.
In short, you will find that you are no more enjoying your lifestyle and there will be a perceptible shift in your moods and behavior.
Lotions are usually for treating head lice parasites and rosacea while the tablet is meant of getting rid of roundworms inside the intestine. Only an expert physician can suggest giving it to children below five years. You can only buy Stromectol online for your child if they say so. If the child weighs less than 15 kg then things can turn into a severe health problem.